Revitalizing Your Blog with an iStock Promo Code

istock_logoHave you noticed how dull an article becomes with just pure text? Images give write ups the attention they deserve. Not only that, they also complete their core message. That’s why most bloggers incorporate stock images to their blog posts. They aim to attract more attention and turn visitors into readers. An iStock promo code makes all these possible. Since iStock is one of the largest stock photo agencies in the world, it contains images that will suit every blog topic.

Food Blogs


How do stock images impact food blogs? Some people think that words are enough to make your mouth water. But, is it really the case? Images can best describe how they look so readers can perceive how they taste. The appearance of the ingredients can let readers imagine what the dish might taste like. The color and the presentation can tell them if they are worthy to taste. In a word, images make dishes look delicious and make readers want to savor them.  

Fashion Blogs


No blog is more visual than that about fashion. Many fashion patrons from all around the world have put up their blogs to share their love and passion for the industry. They share OOTDs (outfit of the day) to inspire other fashion lovers to experiment with their style. Describing their style in words can be very difficult – especially for those who are not into writing. Thankfully, images can be added to their blog to give their readers a glimpse of their glamorous worlds.

Tech Blogs

Technology is advancing, and with it, comes the various thingamajigs from different manufacturers. Many people have put up blogs to share their opinions about the different devices. Of course, images play a great role in verifying their thoughts about the products. These images complement what the bloggers say about the product, either to convince users to make a purchase or to simply raise their awareness.

Other Blogs

Food, fashion and tech blogs are not the only ones that benefit from the use of images. Many other blogs employ these amazing masterpieces to complete their message and establish their brands. For instance, travel blogs and health blogs both need images to make their messages more convincing and enticing. They need them to reach their target audience and retain their attention – long enough to let the message get through.


All these blogs definitely need images from stock photo agencies. Fortunately, iStock has millions of creative files in its library to cater to every blogger’s artistic needs. More luckily, iStock coupons are offered by many affiliated websites, such as An iStock coupon code can help bloggers save more money for other important expenses to make their blogs more appealing.