Have You Received Your DepositPhotos Credits yet

depositphotos-logoAre you in the market for stock photos? It doesn’t matter if your current membership just ran out or your brand-new in the game – either way, are you really going to say no to free? You see, DepositPhotos is a stock photo agency with a vast library. With their beginnings in 2009, they came a long way in a short amount of time. Now, they’re one of the biggest agencies online. They’re not just competing with the big boys – they’ve joined them. To celebrate this year, they’re giving away free credits – good for free downloads. For you that means free images. We’re not just talking about cheap, watermarked images. No – we’re talking about crisp, clear, high-definition royalty-free images for your use.

Wait – what? DepositPhotos Credits?

Yes. DepositPhotos is running a promotion right now where you can get up to 35 free images within seven days when you sign up as a new customer. Let’s do the math real quick. Assuming that the average price for one of these images from any competing MicroStock agency is about $10 per image, you’re looking at about $350 worth of free images within your first seven days. If that’s not enough, Stock Photo Secrets has negotiated a deal with the marketing department of DepositPhotos in your favor. Sign up through our link and you’ve nabbed yourself an extra 15 percent off your first purchase.

Free DepositPhotos Credits

depositphotos free download

Let’s talk about the DepositPhotos credits first (Click here for Depositphotos coupon Code). When you sign up through our link, you’ll be taken to a special landing page that DepositPhotos credits created especially for us. Click on the little yellow button that says “Register” and sign up for a new account. When you’re done, you’ll find out that your account has five credits attached to it.

Wait. I said 35 credits, right? Well, that’s how it works. It’s a seven-day free trial, and for every day of the trial, you will receive five new credits. At the end the seven days with five credits per day, you’ll have 35 free credits tied to your account.

First Purchase Discounted

As a new customer, your first purchase will receive a 15 percent discount. When you play around with different packages they have, you’ll find that toward the bottom of each package is a little green button that says “Buy Now.” Right next to the green button, you’ll see a “-15%” button attached to it. That means you can take whatever price you’re comfortable with and subtract 15 percent from it. If it’s a $100 package, you’ll receive it for $85. The bigger package you select, the more money you’ll save.

What is a Credit good for?


Each credit is good for one download. That means you can browse the library, find a picture and download it. Once done, you can do it again – and again and again, up to 35 times. Once you download an image that image is tied to your account. It’s no different from if you actually bought the image license. If you want to, you can come back any later time and redownload the same images at no extra charge. No cheap, pixelated images here – expect to see only the highest quality high-definition photos in their library.

What can I spend my credits on?

Now, before you go all crazy and browsing library, pointing at every picture saying, “I want that,” let’s get a couple things straight first. DepositPhotos has more than just photos. They have stock photography, illustrations and vector images, editorial and news photos as well as high-definition stock video footage.

Stock Photography

Girl photographer shooting outdoors

Stock photography takes up the bulk of the library. This is where you’ll find most of your images. Most images are submitted to the library fall under stock photography as they are not defining pictures. They’re often used to enhance blog posts, articles and websites. They can be used for ads, reports and e-books. The images you’ll find are not tied to any one person, place or event. The whole point is to be nondescript. In other words, they can’t define anything or anybody. I should be able to take a stock photo and use it for several different applications.

Illustrations and Vector Images

Illustrations and vector images are not photos. As such, they’re not taken by photographers. Instead, they’re created by graphic designers. Illustrations are drawings that have either been drawn digitally or scanned in. Vector images are essentially line drawings that use shapes to make up the picture. Have you ever seen a computer image of a molecule of close? That’s what a vector image is.

Editorial and News Photos

These are photos that differ from stock photography. Earlier, I mentioned that you cannot use stock photography to define anything or anybody. Editorial news photos are the exact opposite. They are used by journalists to specifically enhance the story behind a person, a specific place or a particular event. The licensing is different, and because the people inside the photos are often recognizable and have not signed model releases, they can only be used for editorial and news purposes – not stock photography.

High Definition Stock Video Footage

Did you know that when you see a commercial on television, chances are it uses stock video footage? Just like stock photography is cheaper than holding your own photo shoot and hiring a photographer, it is likewise also cheaper to enhance your video using stock video footage rather than creating your own. Now, don’t get me wrong. Videos need to be original, and you need to create your own video footage. However, parts of most videos use stock video footage.

What can I spend my discount on?

After you’ve browsed their library, you may wish to become a customer. Choose carefully, because your 15 percent discount is a one-time deal. Until you use it, it will always be tied to your account. However, once you use it, it’s gone. Here’s where you can apply your discount.

Power Users – Subscriptions

If you’re part of an agency or company that uses stock imagery every day, all day long, then you’re going to want a subscription. There’re two subscriptions available to you. With the monthly subscription, you’re paying for a set number of images per month. In other words, you can download these images anytime within the month. The daily subscription is different. With the daily subscription, your images must be downloaded daily. Instead of putting a monthly cap on your subscription, you’ll have a daily cap.

Budget-Minded – Credit Packs

Are you dissatisfied with the subscriptions? Or are you a one-man show trying to get your business online? What if you don’t need to download 50 images a day? The credit packs are designed for you. When you buy a credit pack, it’s good for an entire year. If you only see yourself using 10 to 20 images in the next six months, purchase 10 to 20 images and watch them roll over month after month for an entire year.

Does DepositPhotos have what I’m looking for?

You bet they do. Personally, I call DepositPhotos the “Wal-Mart of MicroStock agencies.” They pay their photographers well. In turn, photographers sell their photos on DepositPhotos’ platform every single day.

One of the largest online libraries

DepositPhotos boasts of a library that has over 36 million images. This is what I meant when I said they came along way in such a short amount of time. In 2012, their library images doubled. That event even made the news.

Choose from 36 categories

DepositPhotos organizes their images into 36 distinct categories. If you browsed by category, you’d often notice that images are found in more than one category. They do this because it fits – plus it makes it easier for you to find photos.

One of the hardest things to convey on paper our abstract concepts. These are complex ideas that have no concrete form. In fact, that’s the very definition of abstract. Examples include love, common sense and emotions. DepositPhotos excels at abstract images. Whatever project you’re working on, they’ll have a photo for it.

Does DepositPhotos offer free images?

Absolutely. Every day, DepositPhotos selects around 50 images to give away for free. You can find these images on the home page. Scroll down, and look under the first column of links. Click on the link that says free files. You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see a grid of images that they’re giving away for free on that particular day. Come back in often and check this area – it changes daily.

Have you received your DepositPhotos credits yet?

DepositPhotos has a lot to offer. They are affordable, plentiful and most of all – relevant. That’s the struggle many creative professionals face every day. What photo goes well with this? How can I enhance this article? What can I do to make this more engaging?

DepositPhotos has the answer. Use their search engine on the home page or browse by category. When you use DepositPhotos, it won’t take you very long to find what you’re looking for.